The Real Gregory Scott

Gregory's Bio

       Former child film directing/acting  prodigy Gregory Scott is alive, and well and living life large and full of energy in California.  The mulch-talented 26 year old who was signed to a directing contract with Universal Studios, at the tender age of five;  has grown into a talented young man.  When he was seven years old Gregory wrote, produced and directed his first music video “Bring Me Madonna On Christmas Night”.
      He directed and wrote several short films and even had a recurring role in comedy sketches on The Conan ‘O Brien Show playing Little Andy Reichter, Conan’s side kick.
Gregory wrote his first feature film when he was just eight years old called , “Follow the Stars”.  A feature he hoped he would direct and still would like to see it produced today.
       His Mom didn’t want him to be a statistic and become another crazy child star turned bad so she encouraged him to drop out of show business in his middle school and high school years and live life as a normal kid.  She felt if he still wanted to be in show business he would pursue it on his own when he was a young man.
      So taking a cue from his Mom,  The Real Gregory Scott mastered extreme sports.  First tackling snow boarding.  He love
d the excitement of the jumps and tricks and ranked 6th place in the state of California when he was 19 years old.  He went off to the Nationals in Colorado that year.  Along with snowboarding,  Gregory became a vivid surfer.  He even gave private lessons in surfing and paddle boarding too.
      While attending
High School,  Gregory played saxophone in the High School Band,  was on the wrestling team,  and joined the performing arts company.  He even auditioned and made the dance company.  The dance coach  saw him doing tricks on his skate board and thought he had great balance and would be an asset on the team!
     Now the Real
Gregory Scott is  ready to come back,  this green eyed, sandy haired young man is ready to light the world on fire!  He also studied fire dancing and is a DJ!  Gregory has appeared in clubs around California performing with fire dancing teams.  He loves all kind of music and Dee jays at club and private parties when he has time.
    In addition to
all his talents,  Gregory is completing his college studies in electrical engineering!  He loves the idea of renewable energy and wants to invent solar energy projects.

    Gregory Scott is set to audition for several major feature roles in the near future and is creating a reality television show that he will star in and direct.  It will center around his life and be filled with all his goals for the future .  Gregory life is sparkling with love and energy.  He has both feet on the ground and is ready to start the next phase in his life where he will become very successful as possible so that he can then turn around and help people all around the world with many renewable energy projects.